Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Curl Up and Dye

Only my love of writing could bring me to share what I am about to tell you all. I have had a day of one embarrassment after another. I had to be at church at 8 last Saturday morning to help set up the OUTDOOR Preschool Easter Egg Hunt. If you weren’t aware of the weather in my area at that time, let me fill you in, it was cold. Not Atlanta cold, but freezing 29 degrees in windy April kind of cold. It snowed near me. It hasn’t snowed all winter, and it picked that day. I’m telling you this not because anything bad happened there, but to excuse the rest of my day. I was working with less sleep than I needed, and a think the cold may have killed a few brain cells.

That afternoon we popped into Wal-mart to pick up a variety of last minute Easter type things. We had ended up going in two cars, our car and my visiting parent’s car. When we headed out to the parking lot I was dragging behind because I was putting up the cart, and trying to grab my sunglasses. When I did get out of the store I realized that since Rocky had dropped me off at the door, I had no idea where he parked. Just then I saw my father’s minivan backing out of a space. I decided to run up to it, hop in, and call Rocky to tell him I was riding home with them. There was only one problem. After tugging at the door of the passenger side of the moving van, I realized it was locked. Then I looked at my dad to get him to unlock it. He couldn’t do that because I was actually trying to open the car door of a complete stranger. I think I scared the poor woman to death. I don’t think I fit the profile of a car jacker, but in the heat of the moment anyone can look dangerous. I am grateful I don’t live in Texas, she might have shot me.

That night we had all sat down for dinner. My earlier actions were the butt of several jokes. After all, my parents were visiting and my father has a knack for not letting things go. He was merciful and we were all enjoying our wonderful ham dinner. JD got restless, as he often does at meal times. He was finding reasons to get up, goof off, and anything else other than eat his food. Suddenly he started looking at me funny and pointing at me saying “What’s that?” We thought he was joking around or asking about the food I was eating, but he became more insistent. Finally, he got up, walked around the table, and tried to get in my lap the whole time pointing and saying “No, that!” This would be the point where Rocky starts laughing. Without going into much detail, it would seem that I needed a tissue and JD was merely wondering what I had up my nose.

After dinner it was time to dye Easter eggs. We covered the table and laid everything out with plenty of paper towels. There was a long explanation about how the dye would turn other things colors too and we all had to be very careful. Guess who ended up with blue hands. That would be me. Just as I was placing an egg ever so gently into the blue dye, it slipped off the spoon and splashed into the dye. I looked like I had grabbed one of those dye packs they use to mark bank robbers and the money they steal. After some intense scrubbing I finally got all the blue off my hands and most of it out of the corners of my finger nails.

So that was my Saturday. I tried to car jack someone, had a bat in my belfry, and tried to turn myself into a smurf. I hope your Easter weekend went a little smoother.