Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rixie Flashback to 2004

Every time someone in my house is throwing up I tend to flash back to January of 2004, and I thought I'd share and maybe help rid myself of these thoughts. I was 27 weeks pregnant with JD and in the middle of planning Nik's 5th birthday party. It was a Sunday and we had gone to Popeye's for lunch. I had been craving their chicken with red beans and rice. For some reason Nix ate something different than we did, which turned out to be a good thing. Since I was pregnant my appetite was huge so I ate a lot. That night it became all too clear that I had food posioning. I was getting dehydrated fast so Rocky rushed me to the ER. When I walked through the door of the crowded ER all the attention shifted to me. The guy on the strecher who had been in a car wreck got less attention than I did. I must have looked really bad. They told me to have a seat, but would call a nurse to take me straight back. What they didm't tell me was that I was waiting on a Labor and Delivery nurse. When she got there and told me where we were going it didn't phase me at first. I just figured it was precation, and it was. It was when they got me hooked to the monitors and told me I was in labor that I paniced. It didn't help that they all looked paniced too. They finally got enough medicine in me that I stopped throwing up, but it also knocked me out. My parents got in the car and drove from Tennessee. It usually takes them 7 hours. This time they made it in 5 and a half. When they got there I insisted that Rocky and my dad take Nik home and Mom stay with me. For some reason I was thinking that if Rocky wasn't there then I couldn't have the baby. This turned out to be a good idea because Rocky spent the night at home sick as well. They were able to stop the progression of my labor, but not the contractions. I got to go home and host a tea party for 5 girls and their mothers and then my contractions got stronger and I was sent to bed until JD came in March. It was two months of contractions and not being allowed to be on my feet more than 10 minutes at a time. JD was a month early, but healthy and happy, so alls well that ends well, but it was one of the scarriest times of my life. Since it all started with a little food posioning I am now horrified anytime someone near me is sick. Being the mom of young children isn't easy when you want to run away when they are sick. Give me a scrapped knee anyday, but toss your lunch and you are on your own. It's a weird mix of guilt and disgust.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Worst Valentine's Day Ever

It is offical, I have more luck on Friday the 13th than I do on Valentine's. In my long history of bad Valentine's, this one takes the prize. It starts off with cleaning the tail end of what we have been told is JD's stomach virus. Pun intended :) Then a man fron the gas company comes and turns off our gas. I proceed to call Rocky and chew him out for not emailing in the payment like we talked about. He's confused, but assumes that he must have forgotten, but promises to fix it and apologizes. I drive about 20 minutes to his office to pick up this week's check and then drive it to the bank, which is a good 45 minute away to Gainesville. It's a long story as to why I had to do that, but trust me when I say it was the only way. While I'm in Gainesville with JD, I decide to have lunch and then do a little Valentine's Day shopping. Since JD had been sick all weekend, it was the first chance I had. Just as we were finishing lunch JD throws it all back up. This means a trip to the doctor after a 45 minute drive with a sick baby. After geting back home and making my appointment, Rocky calls. The gas company made a mistake because we were never scheduled to be cut off. In fact they argue with him as to weither or not the gas is actually off. They can't reset it from there because the computer system doesn't know it's off. They have to send a guy out. We still have a large number of boxes in our garage some of which are blocking the path to the hot water heater, which has to be relite. I go out and move a tone of heavy boxes, pick Nix up at the bus stop and then head off to the doctor. The doctor does a strp test, but says she is sure it is still just a virus despite the fact that he is still throwing up after 4 days. The rapid test comes back negative and we go home with the idea that not only will he be sick for the rest of the week, but the rest of us will soon be getting it too. Our wonderful romantic dinner comes from Subway. After eatting Rocky starts feeling bad. It turns out to be heartburn, but we don't know that and decided that for health reasons he will sleep in the guest room.
On the up side, Rocky did have cards for me and Nix, and we had heart balloons for the kids. The gas was turned back on with their apologizes (and mine).
The next day the doctor called and said that JD's strep culture turned up positive after all so he gets a prescription and we don't have to worry about getting sick. He is mostly well now, but we are all exhausted and it looks like Nix has pink eye.
Next month is our 10th anniversary so maybe we can squeeze a date in.