Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rixie Flashback to 2004

Every time someone in my house is throwing up I tend to flash back to January of 2004, and I thought I'd share and maybe help rid myself of these thoughts. I was 27 weeks pregnant with JD and in the middle of planning Nik's 5th birthday party. It was a Sunday and we had gone to Popeye's for lunch. I had been craving their chicken with red beans and rice. For some reason Nix ate something different than we did, which turned out to be a good thing. Since I was pregnant my appetite was huge so I ate a lot. That night it became all too clear that I had food posioning. I was getting dehydrated fast so Rocky rushed me to the ER. When I walked through the door of the crowded ER all the attention shifted to me. The guy on the strecher who had been in a car wreck got less attention than I did. I must have looked really bad. They told me to have a seat, but would call a nurse to take me straight back. What they didm't tell me was that I was waiting on a Labor and Delivery nurse. When she got there and told me where we were going it didn't phase me at first. I just figured it was precation, and it was. It was when they got me hooked to the monitors and told me I was in labor that I paniced. It didn't help that they all looked paniced too. They finally got enough medicine in me that I stopped throwing up, but it also knocked me out. My parents got in the car and drove from Tennessee. It usually takes them 7 hours. This time they made it in 5 and a half. When they got there I insisted that Rocky and my dad take Nik home and Mom stay with me. For some reason I was thinking that if Rocky wasn't there then I couldn't have the baby. This turned out to be a good idea because Rocky spent the night at home sick as well. They were able to stop the progression of my labor, but not the contractions. I got to go home and host a tea party for 5 girls and their mothers and then my contractions got stronger and I was sent to bed until JD came in March. It was two months of contractions and not being allowed to be on my feet more than 10 minutes at a time. JD was a month early, but healthy and happy, so alls well that ends well, but it was one of the scarriest times of my life. Since it all started with a little food posioning I am now horrified anytime someone near me is sick. Being the mom of young children isn't easy when you want to run away when they are sick. Give me a scrapped knee anyday, but toss your lunch and you are on your own. It's a weird mix of guilt and disgust.

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