Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm doing some holiday baking today which means my kitchen is a mess and also that I don't care because the whole house smells like pie. While I was doing this baking burned through the paper towel roll in the kitchen. I replaced it, went to grab one, and pulled off only half a sheet. This means that I have once again accidentally bought the select-a-size paper towels. I hate these. Who needs half a paper towel? (that's rhetorical because at this moment, I really don't care)
This situation calls for a carefully worded complaint letter!
Here is the exact wording of the email from me that someone at P&G is going to read:

I'd like to suggest that you make your select-a-size labels a little more obvious. I know there are probably houses in America that only make half a mess at a time, but mine is just not one of those houses. Sadly, having this type of house tends to make one distracted a lot, especially when shopping. I can not count the number of times I have gone to grab one of your wonderfully absorbent paper towels only to pull off half a sheet and get that feeling of dread knowing that for the next month (I buy in bulk) I will be groaning in frustration every time I reach for a paper towel. The little blue strip and circle are just not cutting it for me. I need a big red bold print warning label. Flashing lights or a special code so that the clerk asks if I’m sure I want select-a-size would be great, but that might be asking too much. For now, I'll settle for a larger logo.

It has been my experience that P&G is very open to costumer ideas. With any luck we will all be seeing Bounty labels with neon colors and flashing lights in the stores before next year's Christmas baking season.
By the way, if any of my friends out there are only half messy, I'd be willing to work out a trade. I have 15 rolls of aggravation left.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Short Run

On the way to church this week, Rocky started commenting on a sticker on the car in front of us. It was one of the 13.1 stickers you get if you run a half marathon. Items with that logo have been popping up everywhere lately. Rocky felt that they were kind of obnoxious, to which I, being a loving wife said, "That is only because neither of us can run even half that." This is the moment the light bulb went off  and lead to me making my own Zazzle store called Rixie Designs.
You know how these days everyone gets a trophy? (I'll skip over how that practice has lead to the "occupy" movement) Well, shouldn't we all get a sticker? After my recent failed attempt to take up running, I found myself envying those who could run through a whole 5k as well as people who earn the 13.1 stickers. Then I got to thinking that I am probably not alone in this. In fact, I bet that close to 99% of people (outside of Kenya) will never run a marathon. Why should the 1% get all the cool stickers?

Before you take me too seriously or think I'm knocking runners, I want to assure you that I am mostly poking fun at myself and my inability to jog.
I only make 10% on sales here, so it's not exactly a money maker idea, but it made me laugh and it was something that I thought should be out there.
I added text to the coffee mug that says, "I only run for coffee" (I may change it to say "I only go on coffee runs") and the back of the shirt design says, "If I'm running then something is chasing me and you should probably try to keep up".
I have a new line that will be posting soon for those of you who want one of those cool initial destination sticker, but are slightly agoraphobic.
"Home Sweet Home"

Normally I don't post anything worth saying this on, but since I'm putting this in a real shop this time, I'm asking everyone to please not take my idea. Email me if you want to use the design. There is a good chance I'll say yes and even help you out. Just ask first.  

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Distraction Crafting

I have too much to do so, naturally, I fix this by adding random, pointless craft projects to the list. It is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Quick and easy projects are a big stress reliever for me. Like many, many others, I have gotten sucked into Pinterest (shoot me a message if you want an invite). There are tons of great ideas on that site. These are a couple I've tried out.
This is my first fabric flower. I made it with scraps I had around. I had a little too much fun burning the fabric. Here is a link to the how-to. I can't wait to make one out of something other than what is rolling around the bottom of my craft drawer.

This is my second flower. I'm really excited about it because it turned out perfect on the first try. I did buy some jersey fabric to try this out, but only 1/4 of a yard, and that will make several more. Here is the link to this how-to. It is from the same site as the other flower. She has several easy and cute craft projects on her site.
I've started a board on my pinterest account just for things I've made (a couple of things from my dad). If you want to follow me there, I go by Rixie Dotson there.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Little Too Clean

Several months ago, we had a bee in the house. I keep hearing stories begging people not to kill bees if at all possible. This bee was making it very hard. We used the vacuum to suck him up. There is an old joke about nothing being able to live in a vacuum (an old nerdy joke), but bees haven't heard that before and so the little guy was buzzing around inside. We were afraid he might be mad, so we took the whole thing outside, opened it up, and ran. Ten minutes later. There was a crack of thunder and a sudden downpour with the vacuum still on the patio. We got it in the garage, took apart the pieces that could be taken apart, and let it dry. I was shocked to see it still worked, but the smell coming out of it was awful. I set about disinfecting and replacing filters. Unfortunately, the only replacement filter we could find was a Febreeze filter. If you have ever been to my home then you know I aim for a smell free house. Scents bother all of us. I get a headache, Rocky starts to wheeze, and the kids just complain a lot. The only thing you will regularly smell in my house is food cooking.
I bring this story up because I had to vacuum today and now my head is killing me. I know to a normal person would love to deodorize a room while they vacuumed, but not me.
Just further proof that house work can in fact kill you.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Just Enough Rope

If you are a Facebook friend, then you probably already know what kind of week we've had. For others, I'll catch you up quickly. This week my daughter got tangled up in a jump rope in PE and then this happened
It is a severe sprain in her ligament which caused two chips in her bone. She can no longer dance in The Nutcracker this year, which has been a source of more pain than the break itself. She is handling the disappointment fairly well and has agreed to be a stagehand. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still in the cast. Now JD will be the family star as he plays Fritz.
Speaking of JD, last week he left two of his favorite stuffed puppies at my parent's house. Brownie and SeƱior Bunny Ears, are having a great time without him according to this picture that my dad made.
They had a little snow, so my mother made the puppies matching plaid blanket coats and my dad helped them build a snowman. I think I'm going to have to frame this for JD's room.