Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm doing some holiday baking today which means my kitchen is a mess and also that I don't care because the whole house smells like pie. While I was doing this baking burned through the paper towel roll in the kitchen. I replaced it, went to grab one, and pulled off only half a sheet. This means that I have once again accidentally bought the select-a-size paper towels. I hate these. Who needs half a paper towel? (that's rhetorical because at this moment, I really don't care)
This situation calls for a carefully worded complaint letter!
Here is the exact wording of the email from me that someone at P&G is going to read:

I'd like to suggest that you make your select-a-size labels a little more obvious. I know there are probably houses in America that only make half a mess at a time, but mine is just not one of those houses. Sadly, having this type of house tends to make one distracted a lot, especially when shopping. I can not count the number of times I have gone to grab one of your wonderfully absorbent paper towels only to pull off half a sheet and get that feeling of dread knowing that for the next month (I buy in bulk) I will be groaning in frustration every time I reach for a paper towel. The little blue strip and circle are just not cutting it for me. I need a big red bold print warning label. Flashing lights or a special code so that the clerk asks if I’m sure I want select-a-size would be great, but that might be asking too much. For now, I'll settle for a larger logo.

It has been my experience that P&G is very open to costumer ideas. With any luck we will all be seeing Bounty labels with neon colors and flashing lights in the stores before next year's Christmas baking season.
By the way, if any of my friends out there are only half messy, I'd be willing to work out a trade. I have 15 rolls of aggravation left.


Sharon Tachenko said...

LOVE your blog - cannot relate! I LOVE my half-sheet PTs . . . I'm VERY intentional about looking for THEM :) I read the small print - makes me crazy to pull off all that PT to no good end :)

If they are VIVA, I'll buy them off you! I HATE all those "scratchy" other brands - I'll buy whole sheet Viva's before I'll buy half-sheet anything-else-brands!!!!

All the best, kido! Just pull off two-at-a-time by way of alternative solution! I love you, nonetheless, despite our differences over PTs :) Enjoy your yummies and fun with your kidos! I smiled when I read your post last night about your family Advent readings. May you all share a beautiful Christmas and delight in all God's sweetest Gifts!

Lynn said...

So you are the one! :) I think having young kids in the house is a factor. The ones I have now are Bounty. I like the scratch because it discourages the kids from using more than they need. Oddly enough, the smaller sizes seems to make us all think we need more and end up grabbing 3 at a time. We are weird.