Sunday, April 13, 2014

Egg Hunt Husbands

I had to write a post bragging about something unusual that happened at my church. We had an Easter Egg hunt this past weekend at a member's beautiful farm, which is not the strange part. The strange part was the number of men who showed up to watch their kids pick up plastic eggs. Several were even there in spite of the fact that their wives weren't. Two of the moms I asked about were out of town for different mini vacations. I can not tell you the number of kid things I have been to where there were 100 moms and 4 dads. I don't think I have ever seen the dads outnumber the moms, especially at a church event that was preschool heavy. Both our senior pastor and music minister where there, even though neither of them have young kids, and neither of them were leading the devotional or prayer time.They just showed up to help. Speaking of helping, there were rather large bounce houses that needed to be taken down. It was going to require several men to make it happen. The children's minister asked if a few would stay to help with clean up, and they did, a lot of them. The following is a picture of a few of them as they tried to get the rest of the air out after folding the largest one.

 Keep in mind that this is just a few of the dads who stayed to help. That is at least ten guys just in this picture who volunteered to stay late after a kid's church event. If this doesn't amaze you then clearly you have never served on a church preschool committee.
Far too often men stay home giving the impression that church is just for women and children. I am so proud of our guys and the love they show to their families, both in their home and in their church family.