Monday, March 27, 2006

Noprah fans

My mother-in-law informed me of a new movement that is spreading through the country called "Noprah". It is made up of people who are tired of Oprah and her ablity to turn the tides of pop culture and in some cases the stock market. If she says something, it is law. Books become best sellers, records go platinum, and everyone goes on a diet. Celebraties will agree to talk about anything just so long as they get a segment. What could she possibly do next? My answer, go to jail. It worked for Martha. Even I, a life long Martha loather, had to have respect for her after she took her lumps and served her time. I think an argument could be made that if Oprah has stock in a company and then features that company's product on her infamous "favorite things" show, then she too could be guity of insider trading. Her staff knows about the product before it is shown and knows a spot on the show is naturally going to increase sales and therefore make stock rise. Although I'm not yet ready to join the ranks of Noprah, I must say that I have watched her a lot less lately. I can't put my finger on why. It may just be another thing I can blame on TiVo. I've never been one to not like someone just because they are rich, after all I hope to be rich one day. Since I have my own very deveopled since of likes and dislikes, Oprah doesn't do anything to sway my opinion on anything, so that isn't it either. I think it can be traced to a promo ad for a special anniversary show. It was made clear that she thought Tom Cruise was nuts when he was jumping on her couch. Well then, why didn't she say something? Why did she continue smiling and nodding and sucking up? She is Oprah for Pete's sake. If she had looked at him and said "I think you have lost your mind and Scientology has sucked you in and turned you into a joke." then I would have respected her. What is going to happen? Will she stop being popular? Would people stop coming on her show? No she is Oprah. People would have cheered. Instead she waits for the rest of the world to make fun of him and then she starts in. Since then, my Oprah watching has been limited to when she has guests that I like, such as when Dave Ramsey or Josh Groban were on. I also watched when she talked about the town I live in. Sadly, she was talking about the racism she found when she was here in the 80's, and not on the progress we have made since then.
I guess it could be worse. She could have Martha Stewart on.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cyber Reunion

A couple of years ago I was suppose to have my first high school reunion, but for some reason it never happened. You know that speech they give you when electing class officals your senior year, telling you to choose carefully because these are the people planning all the reunions Yeah, me either, but apparently they did try to warn us. The most popular theory is that our class president was in jail, but I haven't heard proof of that yet. Today I got a monthly reminder from one of the reunion type web sites that once again no one had updated anything and that since I refuse to pay them money I can not access any of the information even if it was there. It got me to thinking. Most of the people I really want to see again are people I have kept in touch with anyway. All I really want to know is if the cheerleaders are fat, if the jocks have lost thier hair, and if that guy who picked on me is as much a loser now as he was then. Instead of wasting a trip to TN to spend time with people, 50% of which I was never really friends with, why don't we have a cyber reunion. Sign in, post a full length picture of you and your spouse, list your job, the number of kids you have, and the number of times you have been married. Then we could have a gossip section to post things about people who haven't signed up yet. Maybe one of these days I'll feel like putting that together. For now I'll just have to wait another15 years and see if Rusty gets sprung in time to pull something together. :) (btw, I totally made up the jail thing)

I'll get things started. I'm still thin, I have two kids, and one husband. I'm a stay at home mom and loving it.

Oh, and I heard that Susan told Jenny that Ron is an alcoholic, but Sara doesn't know becase Tommy covers for him. the names were changed to protect the guilty

Friday, March 17, 2006

Confession time

Finally something has happened that is going to make me confess about one of my most guilty pleasures. I have a healthy obsession with the radio morning show Rick and Bubba. They are out of Birmingham and are shown on Turner South in the morning. They are Christians, Republicans, and most of all FUNNY. If you know me personally you are fimilar with my off beat humor, and these guys seem to think like Rocky and I do. Scary I know, but true. What has finally made me admit how much I love these guys is they have written a book. They are making the rounds today on Fox News, and it has been precious. I strongly encourage you to look this book up.
Speaking of healthy obsessions, Rocky has started eatting much healthier, and I am loving it. I don't know what is wrong with me that I love health food. Rocky got a box of these seasame ginger rice crackers and I can not stop eatting them. He wants to cover them in peanut butter to hide the taste and I'm planning a whole shrimp stir fry based around them.
Well, Rick and Bubba are about to be on with Hannity, so I better end this and go watch.
Sorry, no cute kid stories this time, Nix has allergy problems and JD is still getting over strep. Maybe next week they will be back to their usual cuteness.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's bragging time

We had a follow up interview and photo shoot for the AJC today, but believe it or not that is not what I'm bragging about.
I had a parent-teacher meeting today with Nix's teacher. It is (almost) offical; Nix is brilliant. I say almost because they are going to test her in the coming days it make it offical, and to put her into Horizon classes (our gifted program). She is reading on the grade level of a kid who has been in 4th grade for awhile. She can read 97% of 5th grade words, and can read 116 first grade words in one minute, average is 70. Her math skills are also high. She has no problem understanding money or time or patterns. Then there is her artistic side. Her drawings are far more detailed than the other children so much so that her pictures stand out from the rest. Her teacher said that Nix was one of the most well rounded and well adjusted children that she has ever met. She is truely impressive. You can probably all guess that I am walking on clouds right now. Every parent wants to think that their child is special, but now I have proof!
To tell the truth, this does make me a little concerned for JD. He is obviously a smart little boy, but I don't want him feeling he is growing up in Nix's shadow. It is my goal to never compare their test scores or abilities. I'm just worried that others will not be willing to do the same. So far it has really helped that they are diferent genders. I hope that trend continues.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Super high to super low in 3.2 seconds

Super High
The AJC (Atlanta paper) is doing a couple of articles about our church and our unconventional Christmas offering which raised just over $335,000 for mission work. The reporter wanted to talk to one of the children who had projects to raise money, and the pastor gave them Nix's name. They called her and did a phone interview and they are coming later in the week to make her picture. We are all so excited about it, and I will probably post a copy of the article here when it comes out.
Super Low
JD has been feeling bad the past couple of days. He has been trying to cut his last canine tooth, which is famous for being hard on stomachs and sinuses. He is suppose to have his well baby check up today, but sadly it is now going to have to be a sick baby visit. The good news : no shots yet, the bad news: he has been hacking junk up all morning. Every half hour like clockwork he starts getting sick again. I think it is already well documented that I can not handle this. On top of all of that I'm having some health problems of my own, so Rocky is coming home for the trip to the doctor.
More Good News/Bad News
The doctor visit went well. JD wasn't even due for shots yet so he isn't missing anything by being sick. The healthy part of his check up (height, weight, etc.) was perfect. He is growing and learning perfectly. Sadly, he doesn't seem to have gotten over the strep he had last month. He is having to take a really strong medicine and we are having to give him something so he won't throw up. It has made him really sleepy, but not so much that he does wake up from time to time and wimper. It is so pitiful.
I'm starting to be really glad I started this blog. Venting here seems to help me calm down when the stress is high. Then again it may not be that great for those of you reading it. I promise to try and make the topics more light hearted in the future.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Our 10th Anniversary!

That's right, today is the day that Rocky and I have been married 10 years. I don't think I'm old enough to have been married that long, in fact I know I'm not. Looking back I can't imagine getting married at 19, but I am so very glad I did.
What are we doing to celebrate, you may be asking. We are hosting a family party to celebrate, but not to celebrate our anniversary. No, we are celebrating our son's 2nd birthday instead, and believe it or not, I'm excited about it. The house is clean, we'll eat out all weekend, and we have free baby sitting Friday night so we can squeeze a date in. I've got a bit of a cold and it is in the coughing phase which is oh so attractive.
Our church made the paper today, and not the small town one, the Atlanta Journal. It was all about the fund raising we did around Christmas and what we were doing with the $335,000+ we raised. It is so awesome. We are doing a lot of work in New Orleans, in Ethiopia, and here in our own county including building two habitat houses. I think we surprised ourselves with what we could accomplish when we went about it the right way.
I think my cold medicine has kicked in because I'm starting to have trouble stringing together sentences. I better sign off for now before I type something I regret later.
I almost forgot my cute kid story. JD has said his first full sentence last week. It was "I want Daddy!" Nix told me this week that if she died young then we should try to have another baby so JD wouldn't be an only child. I can't decide if it was really sweet or really morbid.