Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's bragging time

We had a follow up interview and photo shoot for the AJC today, but believe it or not that is not what I'm bragging about.
I had a parent-teacher meeting today with Nix's teacher. It is (almost) offical; Nix is brilliant. I say almost because they are going to test her in the coming days it make it offical, and to put her into Horizon classes (our gifted program). She is reading on the grade level of a kid who has been in 4th grade for awhile. She can read 97% of 5th grade words, and can read 116 first grade words in one minute, average is 70. Her math skills are also high. She has no problem understanding money or time or patterns. Then there is her artistic side. Her drawings are far more detailed than the other children so much so that her pictures stand out from the rest. Her teacher said that Nix was one of the most well rounded and well adjusted children that she has ever met. She is truely impressive. You can probably all guess that I am walking on clouds right now. Every parent wants to think that their child is special, but now I have proof!
To tell the truth, this does make me a little concerned for JD. He is obviously a smart little boy, but I don't want him feeling he is growing up in Nix's shadow. It is my goal to never compare their test scores or abilities. I'm just worried that others will not be willing to do the same. So far it has really helped that they are diferent genders. I hope that trend continues.

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