Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cyber Reunion

A couple of years ago I was suppose to have my first high school reunion, but for some reason it never happened. You know that speech they give you when electing class officals your senior year, telling you to choose carefully because these are the people planning all the reunions Yeah, me either, but apparently they did try to warn us. The most popular theory is that our class president was in jail, but I haven't heard proof of that yet. Today I got a monthly reminder from one of the reunion type web sites that once again no one had updated anything and that since I refuse to pay them money I can not access any of the information even if it was there. It got me to thinking. Most of the people I really want to see again are people I have kept in touch with anyway. All I really want to know is if the cheerleaders are fat, if the jocks have lost thier hair, and if that guy who picked on me is as much a loser now as he was then. Instead of wasting a trip to TN to spend time with people, 50% of which I was never really friends with, why don't we have a cyber reunion. Sign in, post a full length picture of you and your spouse, list your job, the number of kids you have, and the number of times you have been married. Then we could have a gossip section to post things about people who haven't signed up yet. Maybe one of these days I'll feel like putting that together. For now I'll just have to wait another15 years and see if Rusty gets sprung in time to pull something together. :) (btw, I totally made up the jail thing)

I'll get things started. I'm still thin, I have two kids, and one husband. I'm a stay at home mom and loving it.

Oh, and I heard that Susan told Jenny that Ron is an alcoholic, but Sara doesn't know becase Tommy covers for him. the names were changed to protect the guilty

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nolesrock said...

cyber reunion...BRILLIANT!

why didn't i think of that?

instead, here i am in florida trying to organize a 20-year reunion from 900 miles away...and i in no way resemble the fugitive class president...i never even ran for office