Monday, March 27, 2006

Noprah fans

My mother-in-law informed me of a new movement that is spreading through the country called "Noprah". It is made up of people who are tired of Oprah and her ablity to turn the tides of pop culture and in some cases the stock market. If she says something, it is law. Books become best sellers, records go platinum, and everyone goes on a diet. Celebraties will agree to talk about anything just so long as they get a segment. What could she possibly do next? My answer, go to jail. It worked for Martha. Even I, a life long Martha loather, had to have respect for her after she took her lumps and served her time. I think an argument could be made that if Oprah has stock in a company and then features that company's product on her infamous "favorite things" show, then she too could be guity of insider trading. Her staff knows about the product before it is shown and knows a spot on the show is naturally going to increase sales and therefore make stock rise. Although I'm not yet ready to join the ranks of Noprah, I must say that I have watched her a lot less lately. I can't put my finger on why. It may just be another thing I can blame on TiVo. I've never been one to not like someone just because they are rich, after all I hope to be rich one day. Since I have my own very deveopled since of likes and dislikes, Oprah doesn't do anything to sway my opinion on anything, so that isn't it either. I think it can be traced to a promo ad for a special anniversary show. It was made clear that she thought Tom Cruise was nuts when he was jumping on her couch. Well then, why didn't she say something? Why did she continue smiling and nodding and sucking up? She is Oprah for Pete's sake. If she had looked at him and said "I think you have lost your mind and Scientology has sucked you in and turned you into a joke." then I would have respected her. What is going to happen? Will she stop being popular? Would people stop coming on her show? No she is Oprah. People would have cheered. Instead she waits for the rest of the world to make fun of him and then she starts in. Since then, my Oprah watching has been limited to when she has guests that I like, such as when Dave Ramsey or Josh Groban were on. I also watched when she talked about the town I live in. Sadly, she was talking about the racism she found when she was here in the 80's, and not on the progress we have made since then.
I guess it could be worse. She could have Martha Stewart on.

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native said...

yeah, that little foray into forsyth county and then the ranting on katrina killing only black people (!) made me a noprah for life. like i couldnt find reverse racism and broadcast it as well.