Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Super high to super low in 3.2 seconds

Super High
The AJC (Atlanta paper) is doing a couple of articles about our church and our unconventional Christmas offering which raised just over $335,000 for mission work. The reporter wanted to talk to one of the children who had projects to raise money, and the pastor gave them Nix's name. They called her and did a phone interview and they are coming later in the week to make her picture. We are all so excited about it, and I will probably post a copy of the article here when it comes out.
Super Low
JD has been feeling bad the past couple of days. He has been trying to cut his last canine tooth, which is famous for being hard on stomachs and sinuses. He is suppose to have his well baby check up today, but sadly it is now going to have to be a sick baby visit. The good news : no shots yet, the bad news: he has been hacking junk up all morning. Every half hour like clockwork he starts getting sick again. I think it is already well documented that I can not handle this. On top of all of that I'm having some health problems of my own, so Rocky is coming home for the trip to the doctor.
More Good News/Bad News
The doctor visit went well. JD wasn't even due for shots yet so he isn't missing anything by being sick. The healthy part of his check up (height, weight, etc.) was perfect. He is growing and learning perfectly. Sadly, he doesn't seem to have gotten over the strep he had last month. He is having to take a really strong medicine and we are having to give him something so he won't throw up. It has made him really sleepy, but not so much that he does wake up from time to time and wimper. It is so pitiful.
I'm starting to be really glad I started this blog. Venting here seems to help me calm down when the stress is high. Then again it may not be that great for those of you reading it. I promise to try and make the topics more light hearted in the future.

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