Friday, March 17, 2006

Confession time

Finally something has happened that is going to make me confess about one of my most guilty pleasures. I have a healthy obsession with the radio morning show Rick and Bubba. They are out of Birmingham and are shown on Turner South in the morning. They are Christians, Republicans, and most of all FUNNY. If you know me personally you are fimilar with my off beat humor, and these guys seem to think like Rocky and I do. Scary I know, but true. What has finally made me admit how much I love these guys is they have written a book. They are making the rounds today on Fox News, and it has been precious. I strongly encourage you to look this book up.
Speaking of healthy obsessions, Rocky has started eatting much healthier, and I am loving it. I don't know what is wrong with me that I love health food. Rocky got a box of these seasame ginger rice crackers and I can not stop eatting them. He wants to cover them in peanut butter to hide the taste and I'm planning a whole shrimp stir fry based around them.
Well, Rick and Bubba are about to be on with Hannity, so I better end this and go watch.
Sorry, no cute kid stories this time, Nix has allergy problems and JD is still getting over strep. Maybe next week they will be back to their usual cuteness.

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