Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Jack and the Pie

Something cool happened tonight, but to explain it I have to start last week. Our church has an Awana program for the kids on Wednesday night (it's a church thing, learn bible verse, have fun, etc.). Our two oldest age groups were in a friendly competition to raise money for missions. The leaders of the losing side would get a whipped cream pie to the face. The problem was that two of the sweetest most Disney princess ladies were the leaders on the losing side. Even the winners were not too excited, especially the daughter of Miss Tina (one of the two). She was almost in tears.
In our Sunday School class this week, Tina told us she was nervous about it and was still holding out hope that a night in shining armor (meaning her husband) would swoop in and take her place. I was telling the kids this over lunch after church and we mentioned that often Miss Tina's husband doesn't get home from work in time on Wednesday nights to be able to save her. Right then I noticed a gleam in Jack's eye. We could tell he was giving it a lot of thought. He started to ask, "Do you think I should ...?", but didn't get the whole thought out. I smiled and told him if he wanted to step in and be the knight in shining armor, I'd bring him a change of clothes. He wanted to think about it.
This morning I sent an email to our youth minister Nick that started out "One day I'll send you a normal email, but today is not that day." I went on to explain that if Jack volunteered it was not a joke or impulsive. It was fine by me, if it was fine with him. He replied that he had also decided not to let the ladies get hit and Jack could join him in saving them. He actually spun it into a sweet message about Christ's sacrifice for us.
So, here it is. Jack getting a pie in the face to save a lady.

...and maybe a tiny bit to impress a girl.