Thursday, July 03, 2014

Are you a bad driver?

Surveys show that most people are confidant drivers who feel like they do a good job of driving. They also feel that most other drivers are crazy. Someone has to be wrong here. Yesterday I saw one of the wrong people, and I thought their example might could help others figure out if they too are a bad driver. 
Rocky and I were on a walk in the neighborhood. As we got close to our house we saw a car whip around the corner with barely a pause at the stop sign. They then swerved and honked at a car they almost hit. The "idiot driver" they had to honk their horn at was actually a parked car with no one in it. It was pulled to the side, in the proper direction, and well within the law. 
Here is my helpful tip: If you find yourself honking at legally parked cars, you are in fact, a bad driver. It isn't them. It's you. Consider enrolling in driving school. Maybe taking a yoga class to calm you down a bit. Oh, and even if you are a good driver, please slow down in neighborhoods. Kids are out, people are walking, cars are parked, just be extra careful. 
On a side note, on this walk we also saw a wild rabbit that kept sneezing. It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.