Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Little Too Clean

Several months ago, we had a bee in the house. I keep hearing stories begging people not to kill bees if at all possible. This bee was making it very hard. We used the vacuum to suck him up. There is an old joke about nothing being able to live in a vacuum (an old nerdy joke), but bees haven't heard that before and so the little guy was buzzing around inside. We were afraid he might be mad, so we took the whole thing outside, opened it up, and ran. Ten minutes later. There was a crack of thunder and a sudden downpour with the vacuum still on the patio. We got it in the garage, took apart the pieces that could be taken apart, and let it dry. I was shocked to see it still worked, but the smell coming out of it was awful. I set about disinfecting and replacing filters. Unfortunately, the only replacement filter we could find was a Febreeze filter. If you have ever been to my home then you know I aim for a smell free house. Scents bother all of us. I get a headache, Rocky starts to wheeze, and the kids just complain a lot. The only thing you will regularly smell in my house is food cooking.
I bring this story up because I had to vacuum today and now my head is killing me. I know to a normal person would love to deodorize a room while they vacuumed, but not me.
Just further proof that house work can in fact kill you.

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