Sunday, December 04, 2011

Just Enough Rope

If you are a Facebook friend, then you probably already know what kind of week we've had. For others, I'll catch you up quickly. This week my daughter got tangled up in a jump rope in PE and then this happened
It is a severe sprain in her ligament which caused two chips in her bone. She can no longer dance in The Nutcracker this year, which has been a source of more pain than the break itself. She is handling the disappointment fairly well and has agreed to be a stagehand. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still in the cast. Now JD will be the family star as he plays Fritz.
Speaking of JD, last week he left two of his favorite stuffed puppies at my parent's house. Brownie and SeƱior Bunny Ears, are having a great time without him according to this picture that my dad made.
They had a little snow, so my mother made the puppies matching plaid blanket coats and my dad helped them build a snowman. I think I'm going to have to frame this for JD's room.

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Virginia said...

Who needs a Flat Stanley when you have a Brownie and a Senior Bunny Ears! Too cute; I hope they will have some adventures before they come home!