Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Distraction Crafting

I have too much to do so, naturally, I fix this by adding random, pointless craft projects to the list. It is actually not as crazy as it sounds. Quick and easy projects are a big stress reliever for me. Like many, many others, I have gotten sucked into Pinterest (shoot me a message if you want an invite). There are tons of great ideas on that site. These are a couple I've tried out.
This is my first fabric flower. I made it with scraps I had around. I had a little too much fun burning the fabric. Here is a link to the how-to. I can't wait to make one out of something other than what is rolling around the bottom of my craft drawer.

This is my second flower. I'm really excited about it because it turned out perfect on the first try. I did buy some jersey fabric to try this out, but only 1/4 of a yard, and that will make several more. Here is the link to this how-to. It is from the same site as the other flower. She has several easy and cute craft projects on her site.
I've started a board on my pinterest account just for things I've made (a couple of things from my dad). If you want to follow me there, I go by Rixie Dotson there.

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