Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Short Run

On the way to church this week, Rocky started commenting on a sticker on the car in front of us. It was one of the 13.1 stickers you get if you run a half marathon. Items with that logo have been popping up everywhere lately. Rocky felt that they were kind of obnoxious, to which I, being a loving wife said, "That is only because neither of us can run even half that." This is the moment the light bulb went off  and lead to me making my own Zazzle store called Rixie Designs.
You know how these days everyone gets a trophy? (I'll skip over how that practice has lead to the "occupy" movement) Well, shouldn't we all get a sticker? After my recent failed attempt to take up running, I found myself envying those who could run through a whole 5k as well as people who earn the 13.1 stickers. Then I got to thinking that I am probably not alone in this. In fact, I bet that close to 99% of people (outside of Kenya) will never run a marathon. Why should the 1% get all the cool stickers?

Before you take me too seriously or think I'm knocking runners, I want to assure you that I am mostly poking fun at myself and my inability to jog.
I only make 10% on sales here, so it's not exactly a money maker idea, but it made me laugh and it was something that I thought should be out there.
I added text to the coffee mug that says, "I only run for coffee" (I may change it to say "I only go on coffee runs") and the back of the shirt design says, "If I'm running then something is chasing me and you should probably try to keep up".
I have a new line that will be posting soon for those of you who want one of those cool initial destination sticker, but are slightly agoraphobic.
"Home Sweet Home"

Normally I don't post anything worth saying this on, but since I'm putting this in a real shop this time, I'm asking everyone to please not take my idea. Email me if you want to use the design. There is a good chance I'll say yes and even help you out. Just ask first.  


Misty said...

That's hilarious and I think its a FABULOUS idea!! :)

Tiffany said...


And I have an idea, that not only should go up, but I'll buy!! :)