Friday, July 09, 2010

Vacation Books

I use to wonder about people who took books on vacation. It seemed odd to me, probably because in the past, reading has been a chore to me. It'd be like packing up dirty laundry to wash while you were at the beach. Or bringing a vacuum with you to the mountains. Crazy. This week I accidentally read a book on vacation and really enjoyed it. How does one accidentally read a book? Well, while we are in Jackson there is only so much we can find fun to do, and so fun quickly becomes relative (no pun intended). We spend some time going to restaurants and store we don't have at home. Since I live pretty close to Atlanta, the southern mecca of shopping, this is not easy. Oddly enough, one thing I do not have near me is a Kmart. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I kind of like walking around through Kmart one or twice a year. Plus, if I buy something there I can be assured that no one back home has one or has any idea where I bought it. (I know I'm weird, just accept it and move on) While there, I walked passed a display for the Percy Jackson movie and they had a paperback copy of the book really cheap. I'd been thinking about reading it anyway, so I went ahead and got it. Fast forward a couple of days and I'm done with it and still managed to fit in regular vacation stuff.
The book itself was pretty good, and I can hand it off to Nix after she finishes the book she is reading. She got into her Uncle Matt's Hardy Boy stash, and she is reading Christy with my mom. If one vacation book is crazy, then what do I make of my child who has 3? I'm just happy she loves to read, and that unlimited reading time is vacation to her.


Cryptoknight said...

I heard my name used somewhere on the internet! I coincidentally went into a Kmart the other day for a sale on electric weed-eaters. (the novelty of using a samurai sword on every solitary weed I found was wearing off) I've not been in a Kmart in a good 15 years, but I unerringly headed to the back left corner for the garden department. Half way there I realized that holy cow, the thing was laid out exactly the same, row by row as the one in my hometown. It was like stepping into a time machine.
Speaking of which, I think I can identify with the subject of reading books while stuck in Jackson, considering I did that for about 14 years. So that's where my Hardy Boy books went! You give those back! Seriously though, I suppose it would be pointless for me to demand them back, when my will is currently structured to leave my funds for your children's education. Feel free to keep them around for Jack, and then trade them on Ebay for a Kindle. If Nik is already carrying around 3 books at a time, i highly suggest you invest in a Kindle for her already. They eventually pay for themselves, and there's definitely something to be said for giving a child a fixed use e-book which specifically can't be used to play games.

Tiffany said...

NOOOOooooo! Books smell better than the kindle...although it is nice to have in a pinch!

And there is a Kmart on 20 in Canton...literally about 20 minutes from you...almost the same as running off to Walmart...just in case you want to be a raging Unique-y and shop there.