Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Logically Faithful

Because there are some people who profess to be Christians running for President, it has thrown creationism into the spotlight again. I understand that there is a whole segment of the population who thinks that no intelligent person could believe the Earth is less than a few billion years old, but I think they are missing the bigger point. Trust and faith are two very important characteristics in politicians. Not just if they can be trusted, but do they themselves trust in the ideals of our country. Do they have faith in the system? If a man professes to be a Christian and then turns to say that he does not have faith in the basics of that, then why should we trust that man to uphold the Constitution? Maybe he will decide parts of it were only metaphors, too. Aside from that, there are a lot of very smart people who are perfectly willing to accept the Bible as written.
Let me take you on my thought train of creationism
1. I'm a Christians and as such believe in God as described in the Christian Bible
2. Based on that, I believe that God is limitless
3. Who am I to tell God what he did or didn't do?
4. God decided to make a man. One day- no man, the next day- full grown dude. He is God, He can do stuff like that
5. If God can poof a man into being, then why would we ever expect the Earth to measure 1 day old the day after He made it? Doesn't it make more sense that God would make the Earth fully grown, too?
6. From the Bible I know that God wants people to believe in Him of their own free will
7. You have to have a minimum of 2 options for something to be classified a choice
8. Would you like a cookie or to be slapped is not a choice
9. Would you like a white chocolate chip cookie or a milk chocolate chip cookie is a real choice
10. Would you like to trust God at his word or find a man made explanation so that you don't need God?
I have heard every explanation under the sun as to why the Earth is old, and honestly I don't care. It isn't important. You will not reason away God for me. You will also not find me standing up to say the Earth doesn't measure 4.5 billion years old, in fact, I am impressed by the science that got us there, but it also makes me more impressed by God's creation. The thought and detail that went into every rock and tree is amazing. I can not help but conclude that God must really enjoy the science of creation. All He needs to do is speak things into being, and yet when He does, He gives us so much to discover and wonder over.
Since I have broken the rules about not talking religion or politics I have to expect a few people to disagree, which is fine. I would ask that you be polite in your argument and realize that if you don't agree with the first statement in my thought train then we aren't even on the same tracks and so any argument you toss my way will serve only to make yourself feel better.


Gaby said...

I won't disagree (although I do think you are brave to do politics AND religion all in one post :) ). In fact, I will say: do you believe the earth was created in a 24-hour day? Do you believe it was created in a symbolic "day" that was actually a few million years?
Does it really matter? I don't really care which is which. All I care is this: God created the earth, in his time, and perfectly so. If we can agree on the creator we can disagree on the timeline. Good post!

Lynn said...

Thanks! My only concern about the topic is that I don't try to limit God. I'm not saying I know without a doubt it was formed in 24 hours, but what I do know without a doubt is that it is entirely possible, and no one should be punished or looked down on for believing that.