Monday, June 30, 2014

Why does this annoy me?

I can not believe I am writing an actual blog post about this, but it is really bugging me, and I'm kind of hoping I have at least one friend as crazy as me that is also annoyed.
I was in Kroger today looking at the canned biscuits to use to make mini pizzas because sometimes I can be a fun mom. It has been bothering me that over the past few years Pillsbury seemed to be phasing out their normal sized whop biscuits (you "whop" them on the counter to open them, I didn't make that up, people really call them that). Everything was now the "grand" sized because what good is a biscuit unless it is the size of your toddler's head, right? Then I saw this:
Normal, regular sized biscuits are now "junior"? Why? The name is an oxymoron! Are we suppose to be excited they they now have miniature versions of their gigantic version? We have taken  1+1 and made 2, but now you can get half of 2 also. That is still 1! It isn't new. 
It is fine to eat a giant biscuit as long as you aren't pretending that it is a normal single serving biscuit. The smaller size is a normal biscuit. 
It is stupid things like this that make America fat. 

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