Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To the movies

Rocky and I enjoyed the rare treat of going to the movies this weekend. Like everyone else on the planet we went to go see Pirates. It was a really good movie, but a devil of a cliffhanger. Now I have to wait until next year to see what happens. I hate that. I'm not good at waiting.Speaking of waiting, Rocky like to get there a good 45 minutes before the movies starts which leaves a lot of time to sit. After we have made fun of the ads that the theater runs on the screen because $8 isn't enough money, we turn to movie talk that, I'm sure, drives the people around us crazy. The problem is we often forget actor's real names and just go with whatever role we remember them best for. For example, if we were talking about Pirates we might say Edward Scissorhand, Legolas, and that girl who wasn't the girl in Star Wars star in the movies. The Shine guy was the bad guy the first time, but in this one it is Slartibartfast. Sure we can remember Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, but who can think of Bill Nighy or Jonathan Pryce? It is easier just to say the Tomorrow Never Dies guy. If you think that is bad you should hear us talk about X-Men. So if you sit next to us the next time we get out be sure and bring your pocket movie guide if you want to ease drop

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