Thursday, August 10, 2006

Love thy neighbor's grass

I have recently had a run in with my HOA, for those of you unfamiliar, they are the dreaded neighborhood watch dogs. Apparently it is unforgivable for your grass to go uncut for a whole week and a half while you are out of town. The last time we went a little long between grass cuts Rocky was horribly sick and trying to cut the grass would have made it even worse. We were in a different neighborhood then, a friendlier neighborhood. I told everyone what was going on and we didn't get a single complaint about our yard even though the back got pretty bad at one point. I feel so sorry for our next door neighbor because they have harassed her into hiring a lawn service. I wish these people with too much time on their hands would stop and think before they write one of those tacky notes. I can just imagine some poor man finding out he has cancer and then coming home to a note from the HOA about his yard. Which do you think he is going to care about? If it bothers you so much maybe it would be a better use of free time to cut your neighbor's yard for them rather than writing notes about yard care. It could be that this family has something more important on their minds than measuring blades of grass. I can't help but point out the Bible has a lot to say about loving your neighbor and surprisingly little to say on the subject of yard maintenance. I don't recall "Thou shall not allow weeds to grow in thy neighbor's yard" being one of the Ten Commandments. Lucky for me there is also nothing in the big 10 about not toilet papering a snotty neighbor's yard.

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