Friday, August 06, 2010


How many times have we been told that half of all marriages end in divorce? It is usually thrown at us as an excuse for a commitment phobic not to marry. Sometimes it is used as consolation when a marriage is ending. The other day it struck me that if half end in divorce then the other half end in happily ever after, or at least ever after. It is the glass being half empty all over again. The first time Nikki was asked if a glass was half full or half empty she asked if the glass was being poured or drunk from. To her it was a matter of perspective, and I think the marriage thing is the same way. For years people have used it as an excuse not to marry, but I think it is high time we claim a 50% success rate. It is certainly better odds than you get in the lottery. When you think about it, we accept these odds in other areas all the time. Half of all children are below average, but we don't consider that as a reason not to have children. On a similar note, half of all pregnancies are unplanned. That is creating a whole new life, but I don't see people not having sex over it.
Speaking of statistics, the counties around here have those seat belt signs that let you know what % of people wore their seat belts last month. Rocky pointed out to me that the police don't usually check for that unless they are pulling you over for drunk driving. So really aren't we just saying that 96% of our drunks remember to buckle up before they cause half of all fatal wrecks? Is this really something to brag about?


Tiffany said...

or is it
Hear, hear!

or whatever, I agree!

gram said...

Alright, our Miss Lynn; it sounds like to me the opinion you have posted on marriage is an "optimistic" viewpoint. NOW who's the one that's the pink, decorated and bejeweled elephant??!!

Agree with all you said. Love you.

Lynn said...

Oh no! You mean my inlaws are rubbing off on me? :) Worse things have happened. You're never letting me live the elephant thing down, are you? lol