Saturday, January 15, 2011

But I Like Church

Warning: the following post contains my opinion. I know that many, many people have the exact opposite opinion. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I just thought the other half might like to see for a moment where I am coming from.
I was born into attending church. Sunday morning was the highlight of my week. It was the one day a week where I happily shed my tree climbing tomboy ways for a dress and lady like manners. I knew all the words to all the hymns we sang, and I sang them with great enthusiasm. Even now that I am an adult I love church. I have never understood people who have trouble staying awake or think that the old Fannie Crosby hymns are dull.
One day someone had an idea that the people who most needed to attend church were the ones who hated the way church was done. So, they started the unchurchy church. You wear the same type clothes that you would wear Saturday night. Instead of a choir you have a rock band that has "Jesus is great!" themed lyrics. The preacher is considered long winded if his sermon lasts a full half hour. The unchurchy church grew like wildfire, which is great. People who have issues with a regular church setting should have a place they feel comfortable.
Remember New Coke? Back in the 80's someone, who I can only assume must have hated Coke, decided that the classic American beverage needed a new formula. They wanted to expand their market to include the ones who had stopped drinking Coke or who had jumped on the Pepsi bandwagon. I'm sure there are people who really liked New Coke, but many of us just sat around wondering why you would let someone who hated Coke have anything to do with "improving" it.
To me, the unchurchy church is New Coke, and I am on a quest to find a Coke Classic.


Julia and Gracie said...

Amen, and Amen

Sharon Tachenko said...

This is fabulous, Lynn! . . . and should be linked to FB for all the world to see! "Amen & Amen", for sure! You ask some really vital questions, Lynn. . .The sad conundrum in which we find ourselves, where DO the two world find nexus! Often the edgy, discomforting, challenging sermons are found where the music is just dreadful or, at best, insipid!! I want a place that has wonderful, rich hymns of the church, great teaching, rich body-life, and "real" fellowship - go game playing! That can be very HARD to find!

. . . and don't get me started on "youth groups"! The places where REAL service reigns are places where true spiritual maturity is fostered. "Church" must be more than a mere entertainment/time-killing venue . . .