Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paying Attention

All four of us made it to and through a church service today. That might not seem special, but given the past, 3 months, this is a family victory. The church we attended this week had a guest speaker, which in the past has not been a positive, but today was actually pretty great. He is a professor at a seminary in town to work with the church's youth weekend. I gathered that it was one of those weekends where teens are called to a closer relationship with God through being deprived of sleep and showers (I'm joking, I'm sure it was fun and educational).
My kids were especially hyped about this week because we had promised that we would sit in the balcony. As it turns out, balcony seating is a huge plus in the kid's book. Usually we sit so that our son is sandwiched between both parents to allow for tag team parenting, but somehow he ended up on the end next to Rocky. When he isn't next to me I can never be sure if he is paying attention. This week I know he was for two reasons.
I'll get to those in a minute, but first you need to understand that the sermon was on marriage. It was one of the best hours I have heard on marriage in a long time. It was good enough that I am giving the man a pass for telling us how he was like Ricky Bobby, using the term "mad skillz", and having his notes on an iPad. He also sang a line of "When a Man Loves a Woman" crediting Percy Sledge and gave a shout out to marital fruit, but I'm pretty sure those are both biblically sound. (Yes, he really did all of these thing, and yes I am having a little fun with it.)
Now you are ready for how I know my son was listening.
1. When the preacher mentioned bird poop, he laughed loud enough that the people in front of us turned to look and got tickled at his laughter
2. The preacher reminded men that it was important to show your wife that you are thinking of her by writing a note or even texting her "I love you" during the middle of the day and doing it regularly. Right after that I got a note on the back of a bulletin handed to me. It said "I love you very much! Love, Rocy" My son is trying to look innocent, but has that special grin for when he is up to something. After church he wanted to know how I knew he wrote it and not his dad. I told him my first clue was that "Rocky" has a "k" in it, but I loved it just the same. How cute is he?

What the kids don't know is that Rocky and I have twitter account that we have blocked all followers from except each other just so we can cyber flirt with each other.
Anyone else care to share ways to flirt with your other? We could all use fresh ideas.

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Amanda said...

private twitter account, eh? that is both the nerdiest and most romantic thing I've heard all day. And totally something Kevin and I would do. :)