Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Joy of Car Line

I've been going through old computer files and found something I wrote after a particularly bad day in the school car line. I started understanding how even the most even tempered person could get road rage. I thought I would post a couple of bits from it for fun.

At the beginning of the year the school gives you a magic claim check with a random number on it. It hangs on your rear view mirror and announces to the staff which child you are allowed to put in your car. Guard this with your life. Make sure there is one in every car you could possibly use to pick your child up. Laminate it, baby it, and treat it as gold. If you lose it you may never see your child again. Even if you child looks exactly like you and runs to your side saying,” Mommy! Mommy!” this is not enough. For safety purposes the school must assume that you and your husband entered into a nasty divorce that morning with him being awarded sole custody and you are now trying to kidnap your own children. It could happen. The only way to fix this problem is to bring with you 3 forms of ID, a DNA sample, and a notarized statement signed by your husband and a federal judge swearing that you do in fact have the legal right to claim your own child. If the colossal tragedy of losing the number card happens please do everyone in line behind you a favor and park your car and walk into the school to collect your child. It makes the line move so much faster and the strip search less embarrassing.

Later, I'll post tips on how to know when you should park your car and walk your child in.

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