Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Orange Shoe Paradox (part 1)

I had a few minutes to kill the other day and spent those few minutes in a shoe store. Since I am too (let's say) frugal to pay full price on shoes, I go back to the clearance section. There sits, in my size, an over the top pair of orange shoes. They are so pretty. But, alas, I do not buy orange shoes. I buy black, brown, white, or some variation there of. Once, ten years ago, I bought a deep red pair that went perfectly with several thing I already owned. This is how much I don't buy orange shoes. So, I made a picture of them and walked out bemoaning the fact that I will never be an orange shoe girl.

Today, I walked back into that store and bought those shoes. As an added bonus, they were more deeply discounted than before and are now the cheapest pair of non-flip flops that I own. They are the most girly, fancy, pretty things in my closet.
Now comes the part where I wear them. Because I am not an orange shoe girl, I have no orange shoe clothes. I have a couple of things that other people might would wear with them, but I'm not that daring.
These shoes are revealing a lot more to me about my own personality, fears, and insecurities than I would have ever thought possible. I thought just buying them was going to be my major leap, but as it turns out, wearing them is becoming an even bigger challenge.

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