Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not just clean, extra clean (language)

JD is taking a drama camp this summer (his idea). After the first day he was thrilled with the class but not happy with his part in the end of the week show. One of his lines read, "Oh, to heck with it!" He did not want to say "that word". Then HE explains to ME that even though "heck" isn't a bad word, it is used in place of "hell", which is bad when you use it wrong, therefore they mean the same thing and even if you aren't saying the real bad word, the bad meaning is still there. (Wow!) I advised him to decide for himself, and then talk with his drama teacher. That is exactly what he did. She was very understanding (thank you Miss Cindi!) and let him change the line to, "Oh, I give up!" I was very impressed with his conviction and the follow through. It was one of those moments where your kid behaves better than you've thought to teach them to be.
As it turns out, JD has some very strong feelings about bad words. He is annoyed that the "a word" should just mean donkey, but people made it bad. My favorite quote was when he said, "I find the 'j-a word' deeply offensive to my name." Then he asked me why people use those words and why they put them on tv. I had no answer for him.
I'll leave you with these words of JD wisdom: If you mean poop then say poop instead of the "s word", but if you don't mean poop, use a different word that has the right meaning.
Words have meanings. Use them the right way, or don't use them at all.
And now we have all been schooled by an 8 year old.


Sandy Key said...

I love it! Go JD! I only wish that life can be that easy. Keep standing strong man!

Cryptoknight said...

Hrm, I have a hard time toning it down to PG-13, much less whatever the rating higher than "G" is. Hopefully he will not find my YouTube channel until after her is 30.