Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spreading the Weird to the Next Generation

It is not like me to listen to pop music on the radio, but during the election I found my usual talk radio was stressing me out. I've been surprised to find some new artists that I really enjoy. I like Adele and fun. and have heard most of the songs nominated for a Grammy this year. Being that this is something new for me and how prone I am to snarkiness, I can't help but poke fun at some of the music played, especially when the lyrics are hard to understand. My favorite that I've joke about is the Maroon 5 hit "Moves Like Jagger".  It lead to a fun conversation with Nix.
Nix: Okay, you're right. I can't hear the "v"
Me: I win! Adam Levine has the "moos"!
Nix: Wait. Adam Levine, like The Voice judge Adam?
Me: Yes. This is Maroon 5, he is the lead singer, this is what he sounds like when he sings
Nix: (making a face like she smelled bad cheese) But his voice is so....
Me: High?
Nix: Yeah, and kind
Me: Well, honey, that is what hipster guys in skinny jeans sound like
Nix: I just thought he'd sound...
Me: Pretty like his face?
Nix: Well, yeah, sort of
Me: It almost never works that way
Nix: (still making the face) You know, he has a lot of tattoos
I just smiled knowing that there was now one less teenage girl in the world sighing over skinny rockers. That, combined with adding to the number of people who have joined me in claiming to have a cases of "the moos", made my day a little brighter.
Normally, when I talk about a song I link to it, but if you haven't already heard the song I'm not going to be held responsible for introducing it to you.
Instead, please enjoy Adele Chasing Penguins (I was go disappointed to find out it was "pavements" instead of her running after cute black and white birds)

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