Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Father/Daughter Pictures

I am working on my last big project before my job ends. It is a father/daughter dance, and while the vast majority of them are precious, there are a few issues I am seeing come up that need to be addressed. I know that the number of fathers reading my blog are few and far between, but maybe the next time the man in your life is headed to one of these things you'll remember to give him these tips. You have no idea how much I'd love to have pictures to go with some of these, but seeing as how I still have a paycheck coming to me and I really don't want to get sued, you'll have to use your imagination.
~When ordering pictures most men don't know how many of what to get. There is a simple answer for this. You want one for your daughter's bedside table and one for your desk at work or your bedside table. This lets your daughter know that the night meant as much to you as it did to her.
~It can be very sweet for you to put your arms around each other, but please leave your outside arms to the side. Everything else looks weird and sometimes even creepy. Never ever put your hand in your pocket with your thumb hanging out. That is just sad.
~Slightly angle your body to the camera. You are probably at least twice as wide as your daughter no matter how thin you are. The angle will cut down on how that difference is seen. If your daughter is wider than you, bless her heart, let her be the one to angle. If you both angle it will become creepy again.
~Your smile should express joy and pride. If there is even a small chance that your smile makes you look like a polygamist cult leader, someone who might be featured on "To Catch a Predator", or Jack Nicholson then please don't smile. Just have a pleasant look on your face.
~Know that the photographer will use the best picture of your daughter. If she blinks in every picture except the one you are sneezing in, if you are lucky you'll get an editor like me who cares enough to fix it, and if not, well, get use to people snickering and saying, "Bless you" when they see it sitting with pride on your desk.
~Get your picture made before either of you eat or has their face painted.
These next few are not necessarily picture related, but important things I've noticed because of the pictures. 
~Do wear a coat and tie
~Do either make your tie match her dress or wear the last tie she picked out to give you
~Do get her a wrist corsage (those can be take off if they bug her and don't leave pin marks)
~Do dance with her
~Do open her door, hold her chair, and treat her like a lady because then she'll expect that treatment from future dates thus making it more difficult for her to be happy with a jerk.
~Do make sure to take your wife on an equally nice date within the month and treat her like a lady because she is someone's daughter, too and he probably taught her not to be happy with a jerk. Also, she should know you love her most.

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