Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rookie Mistake

Today I found that Walmart still had some of the classic hollow chocolate bunnies left over and were selling them for 25 cents. I bought 2. What can I say, I'm a splurger. The fun part is that I bought them for my husband and me, not the kids. While they were at school I took off the ears and delighted in my ability to eat chocolate in peace. It was glorious. Then, as we finished up dinner, my husband announces, "I'm going to go eat the ears off my chocolate bunny." He knew that they did not have bunnies of their own. He knew! I just shook my head. Rookie move there my friend, rookie move. The pleas started instantly.
  "Can I have one ear?"
        "I'll take the other!"
I love my husband very much. I'd take a bullet for him. Well, maybe a rubber bullet. My point is, I would and have gotten him out of holes before, but he was on his own with this one. He must have noticed my mix of smirk and glare because he did not mention the fact that I had my own bunny stashed in the back of the frig, and I was certainly not going to offer it up to sacrifice. 
To his credit, Rocky kept his head after the initial mistake. He pointed out the mound of Easter candy still sitting in each kid's basket. He declared that it was his special bunny because I had bought it just for him, and he was going to eat it. Then he took a big chunk out of the ears as they watched. To my surprise, they cheered him on. They even made suggestions on how to keep the rest of the bunny safe from them trying to sneak a piece. The best idea was to just lick the whole thing, but he decided that placing it in a ziploc on the back of the top shelf would do. 
(what is left of my bunny)

The kids did tease him a good bit about not sharing and there was some good sarcastic "How could you?" cries. Nix brushed it off by saying, "It's cool. I still have my peeps.", which was made funnier by the fact that she didn't seem to get why we were laughing so hard. It was probably because these are the peeps she meant.

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