Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Stay in the lines!

I was a slightly obsessive little kid when it came to coloring. Before I colored a flower, I wanted to know what color a real flower could be. Before I colored a bird, I wanted to know what kind of bird it was so that I could color it the right color. I didn't always stay in the lines, but if I went outside the lines it was with a purpose. I'd add in sky or grass or whatever I felt was missing from the picture. So, I did color outside of the lines but in a very controlled manner. Also, I like to put my crayons in the box in rainbow order, but that is a different story.
Our society has become one that greatly encourages people to color outside the lines, but that is mostly metaphorical. I'm all for thinking outside of the box, but there is one time when it is vital that we all stay in the lines. WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING! There is no room for free thinking on the road. You can not just decide to break free of the man and leave the constraints of conformity while driving down the road. Especially when there is on coming traffic on one side and a drop off into a stream on the other.
My town is full of twisty narrow roads, and not a day goes by that I don't see someone drifting over the line. Yesterday a mini van managed to get fully into my lane while  coming around a corner. Watching someone drive into your lane knowing that you have nowhere to go and no way to dodge them is a terrible feeling. She corrected just in time... this time.
This has become such a frequent occurrence on one particular road that I am giving serious consideration to taking an alternate route to my daughter's school. It will take me several minutes more, but minutes verse a head on, or even seeing a head on crash happen, seems like a fair trade.
I was recently explaining defensive driving to Nix, and I think she summed it up nicely when she asked, "So driving is like a very dangerous game of dodge ball where you try not to hit someone or get hit?"

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