Monday, December 16, 2013

A Warning about Arm Knitting

I was pulled in by the promise of a chunky handmade scarf in just 30 minutes. It sounded so easy. You just loop things around and *poof* a scarf. I bought yarn. I made plans. I had a dream.
See here at Simply Maggie for the right way to make this.

I settled in on a video that had several angles and seemed easy to follow

My first clue that I was in trouble was that I only had one thingy of yarn, and there was no way I was going to give myself an excuse to go back to Hobby Lobby this time of year. I'd come out 3 hours later with who knows what and twenty eleven projects that had to get done before Thursday. So instead I unrolled the entire package of yarn and worked from both ends as if I had two packs. Surprisingly, this did not come back to bite me like I thought it would.
From here things went wrong. The following is the progression of my project.

  • I discovered that arm knitting a scarf "only takes 30 minutes" because once you get a couple of rows in, a claustrophobic type feeling sets in and you just want it off of you. I'm typing while looking like I have tied myself up with yarn and have a slightly panic/crazed look on my face. Scissors may come into play if I don't figure this out soon.
  • I've gotten to the stage where I look like I am making a dwarf beard. Dinner will be late tonight because Thorin's beard is attached to my arm. I get myself into the most absurd situations.
  • I'm fairly certain that if I had just unrolled the yarn and wrapped it around me it would look the same as it does right now. I'd like to think it is because of the yarn I picked out, but it is probably because of my awesome arm knitting skills.
  • I'd make a picture, but I am literally tied up right now. Thank goodness I ignored that part about using two full scans of yarn. This thing is gigantic and I don't know how to stop until I am out of yarn.
  • Oh dear heavens, I have to go to the bathroom.

Dobby is FREE!
  • I don't even care what this thing looks like. I am just so happy to have it off of me.
  • The video said something about finishing techniques, but there at the end I just started tying things into knots.
Once you start this thing you had better have a good hour where no one will need you and you have an empty bladder. If you have any sort of fear of having your arms tied down, don't even think about trying this. The crazy thing is that I am considering buying different non-beard hair type yarn and trying it again. It might make a fun car trip project. Hopefully next time I will get better results than this.


Manna said...

I always did like Thorin's beard...

I haven't tried the arm knitting thing, but the finger knitting thing is awesome and super easy! I've made miles and miles of garland and stuff in the last week. Thomas even wrapped one around his neck, resembling a hippie Mr. T. Ha:-)

Lynn said...

I tried finger knitting first and did great with it, but I didn't have enough fingers to make a wide enough scarf. :) Making garland with it is a great idea though. I might have to get some festive yard and do that for my tree.

Virginia said...

Mr. Marvelous smiles.
I am even more intrigued. Long, cold, slow January; you no longer intimidate me! ;)