Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School Gifts

It is finally the last day of school here. I think I'm every bit as excited as the kids are. I love having them home and having a more relaxed schedule. On the last day I like to do a little something special for the teachers and for some of the people around the school that don't always get the love. Now that the kids are at two different schools, that is a lot of people. Thankfully, I stumbled into a fantastically cheap and easy gift that has always been met with excitement. Chocolate covered strawberries!

This year I had 13 bags with one milk chocolate and one white chocolate strawberry in each bag. I found these super cute bags in a pack of 13 at Micheal's for $5.99. The muffin cups were also there for $1.99. Publix had the berries on sale 2 for $5. I already had the white curling ribbon and I made the tags using Photoshop. All total that works out to about $1 per gift.

The tags I made were 3 1/4 inches squared and had room for the kids to sign their names. Nix had 6 teachers this year, so I knew where her's were going, but JD only had 2, so we got to have a little more fun with who got berries. We went to his grade counsellor, the art teacher, the librarian, and one teacher that none of my children have ever had. She has a very unusual personalized license plate. For the past two years, while we wait in car line in the morning, we look for this car. It is a race, and a lot of fun. It starts our day off right. We tracked down the owner of the car this morning, and "Bug Bump" got strawberries for brightening our mornings.

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gram said...

Talking about brightening up someone's day...That's what you do every time you go to the trouble you do for your kids' teachers and counsellors. How adorable and how imaginative. So proud you're part of our family.