Monday, January 16, 2006

Another Sunday Gone

Here I am at 3 in the morning quietly typing, and why?, you might ask. Because I was dumb enough to give into my craving for Coke ( Don't get excited - I mean pop, soda, or whatever you like to call that sweet dark caffine drink of bubbles). Now I'm sitting in the floor of my room bug eyed, in pain, and still wishing for another glass. I had semi sucessfully given up all carbonation. Afterall, it drves my stomach crazy. Over Christmas I started up again on a small scale, but it quickly became clear that I needed to stay away. When I got back home from my parents house I went cold turkey. There wouldn't be any in the house unless I bought it, and I'm not that weak. I just had to avoid ordering it in resturants. Thanks to my husband's renewed interest in only drinking water, this had not been hard. Then tonight came. Fresh from church where I had been studying cults. My daughter and I stopped at Subway for a little Mom/Daughter time, and there it was just staring at me, the soda fountain and all it's glory. I held myself to only one medium sized glass, but it was enough. Oddly enough, my daughter and I had a deep talk on addiction while we ate. Ah, irony.
It was the day for deep talks with Nix. Earlier she had asked if we planned on having any more children. Several friends of ours are pregnant at the moment and she wanted to know where she stood. She wants to have three children provided that she can find a good man to marry and that she can think of a name for the second girl. If she can't think of another name then she will stop at two, which will naturally be one girl and one boy. I love her logic. I really wasn't expecting to explain what birth control was on the way home from church this morning, but that is life with a smart 6 year old.
2/3rds of my hard work on this were just deleted by trying to check my spelling. My caffine has worn off and I can't remember a thing.
I'll repost the rest at a later date. For now I'm off to sweet sleep

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