Saturday, January 21, 2006

Doodles and other ungodly creatures

My son loves dogs. He has practically since birth. My husband has developed some strange allegery to almost everything with hair, even some people so actually owning a dog is out of the question for now. There is a pet store near me that sells puppies (not the puppy mill kind, they all come from registered breeders), and JD and I like to visit to see the puppies when we can. The other day they had several new babies in including a Chi-poo, which was very cute. This got me to wondering what other breeds you can cross with a poodle. Apparently there are some sick dog breeders out there. I think the weirdest so far has been the St.Berdoodle or maybe the one that was half doberman. I wonder how many poodles were eaten trying to make that one.

My week has been interesting to say the least. My husband had to make a quick trip to Denver, which quickly turned into a John Candy movie, but he is back and mostly alive so I guess it could have gone a little worse. While he was gone I learned a few very important things. First of all when you go into a drug store or any store for that matter, the Midol and Pamprin should be easy to locate. The person who is shopping for this item does not need the frustration of trying to figure out what the stock boy was thinking when he was shelving this product. By the way, in our Wal-mart they are with the condoms, as if that makes any sense what so ever. Number two, of all the medicine bottles that should be easy to open, arthritis pills, antipsychotics, etc. let's move Pamprin right to the top of that list. Once again I would like to point out that the person using this product has enough troubles. You are probably now getting a picture of how my week went. The third and most delightful thing I learned ths week is that TiVo, although clearly a product developed by Satan, is the greatest invention for a wife whose husband is out of town and the kids are finally in bed. If you don't know me personally you may be wondering if I'm off my rocker or merely kidding about the whole Satan thing. I am indeed teasing. I just mean to point out that maybe a few of us could stand to miss a few hours of t.v. instead of having it be made even easier to watch. Since I am clearly not one of those people :D I see no harm in having one.

Here is my kid story for the week, and once again it comes from Nix.
A 5 year old little girl on the bus said she was worried about Nix because she was her friend and she had learned at her Sunday "meeting" that anyone who didn't go to her church was going to be distroyed by Jehovah. You have to love those Jehovah's Witness people. The next day on the way to school Nix explained to her that Jesus came to save all people who loved Him. She told Nix that she was making her not trust her religion. She wasn't on the bus that afternoon and the bus driver asked Nix, very nicely, not to talk religion on the bus any more. I'm wondering if more will come of it.

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