Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Family Members

My daughter turns 7 this weekend, and more than anything she wanted a mouse for her birhtday. Since she already has every toy on the planet, the result of being an only grandchild for 5 years, and since she is very responsible, we agreed to get her a mouse. Rocky and I went to the pet store last night and got everything we'd need for a mouse. There is the cage with food dish an water bottle, food, treats, bedding, cage filler. Then we went to pick out the mouse and ended up getting two. We have one white with black spots named Molly and a white with gray spots named Milly. They are very tiny and very quick. When we were trying to get them from their box into the new cage, Milly got free and went running through part of the house. I had no idea they could jump so high. Rocky finally had to grab her by the tail and toss her into her new home. She squeaked at him, but otherwise went willingly.
We had some of my side of the family over for a small informal party. The weather was so wonderful that we all decided to go to Lake Lanier and walk arond Buford Dam. We didn't even need jackets. Last year at this time we were having ice and snow. I'm sure it will be back to winter next week, but it sure was a nice break for the weekend. Tomorrow will probably be rainy and gray again.
While my parents are staying with us they are discovering the joy of TiVo and I fear my dad may never want to go home to regular t.v. Mom doesn't think she cares, but then when I get to fast forward through commercials, and rewind live shows she likes it. If their past record with obtaining new technology means anything, they should have a TiVo in about 12 years.
I feel I should put a disclaimer on this post because I have a cold and my mind is not as sharp as it usually is. I've been doing really dumb things this week, but I've been able to blame sinus medicine. I haven't done anything major league stupid, just little things like making a shopping list so I wouldn't forget things and then leaving the list at home. I must sing the praises of Zicam. I didn't start my cold until Wednesday and I am already mostly better. I've been using Zicam all through it. I had too much to do to be sick this week. I'll probably crash Monday.
JD is learning to say bedtime prayers. It is so cute. He repeats after us and says "Dear Jesus, Thank you, love you, Amen" The Amen is his favorite part. It is more like "AAAAAAAA-men"He is already starting to be a good Baptist.

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