Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drug Commercials

Remember the good old days when the only medication ads on t.v. were for over the counter drugs. Maybe if they had stopped with allergy and heart burn medication I wouldn't be so annoyed. As if the little blue pill ads weren't bad enough, now they are having them for STD's. I really feel that if the subject isn't something you would bring up at the family dinner table then it isn't something that should be in a commercial during the middle of the day. Isn't it bad enough that I had to explain what tampons are for to my daughter when she was five. Now she wants to know what erectial disfuntion is. How am I suppose to explain that to someone who doesn't know why one needs the function in the first ? I managed to cleverly dance around it, but my point is that I shouldn't have to. Is it so much to ask that they take the veiwing audience into consideration. How about if you show Viagra commercials on ESPN and ads for the pill on Lifetime and let me watch the news in peace.

We have a lot going on on the home front with JD. He is cutting what will be his last tooth for awhile. He will have 16 bright white baby teeth. This last one has been hard. It's taken it a couple of months to finally poke through. The past three days have been rough with the low fever and tummy trouble. He is so pitiful when he holds his jaw and whimpers. He had another first this week, but not a good one. He fell while we were waiting on the bus to bring Nix home and scraped his knee. He took it like a little man and barely fussed at all. It's his first real band-aid and he is proud of it. He has to show it to everyone. We are also trying to start introducing the potty to him. So far his favorite part is getting to take his clothes off, which he will now do at the drop of the hat. I am so worried that he is going to skin out at church one week. He also loves to wash his hands. Anything that involves water is fun for him. So far he is willing to sit on the potty and knows when he has to go, but he hasn't yet put the two together. It's a start and I'm trying not to rush him, but I am excited by the idea of no more diapers. Maybe by the end of summer we will have it worked out.

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