Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So what!

I'm all a buzz today. A local radio guy brought up a topic and then his show ended beofre anyone could call him on it and it is driving me crazy. The guy is Neal Boortz and he is a Libritarian. I agree with him about 75% of the time and today falls into the other 25%. Normally he is preaching about how people should not trust government schools to give their children a good education. We should all pay to send our kids to a private school that will teach the ideals we each personally hold. He is a huge believer in supply and demand. Government schools don't have to submit to this. They can be horrible schools and still not get put out of business. Imagine how shocked I was to hear him go againist his own ideas today by being upset at a private college for their policies.
There is a private funded college in Kentucky that has asked a student to leave do to openly practicing a lifestyle that is againist school rules. This specific student is gay, however the rules clearly say that any type of sex outside of marriage will be met with a request to leave. So, even if this guy were straight and living with a woman, he still would have been asked to leave. Now, if this were a state college I'd be right there with them saying they can't do this, but it isn't. It is privately funded by the Baptists who have set forth a strict set of rules for the behavior of the students who attend their campus. The people who send their children there count on these rules being enforced. The people who donate to this school want to safely assume that their ideals are being taught in this university. The students who apply there are made well aware of the fact that they are attending a college with rules of this nature. If you don't like it then don't support it. If enough people disagree with these rules then the school will either change or go out of business. It is as simple as that. I understand that some people are going to be bothered by this. What I don't understand is Mr.Boortz's attitude towards it, which I would have told him myself if his show hadn't ended right after he said it. Maybe he'll pick it back up tomorrow so I can call in. Then again maybe he won't and I'll just be frustrated at the hypocrisy. I'll just take it out on my blog, after all, it's what I got it for.

A quick cute kid story for you. Monday I got a rare baby kiss on the cheek from JD after which he looked at me and said "Oh, whiskers!" I was slightly offened until bed time came and he did the same thing to Nix. I guess he is so use to getting tickled by Rocky's 5 o'clock shadow that he just thinks that is what you say after kissing someone's cheek.

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