Monday, April 03, 2006

Go sell crazy some where else...

I read an article this weekend and I'm still trying to figure out if it's just an elabrate hoax. Rocky first pointed it out to me. There was a link on Drudge. There is a professor of biology at the University of Texas who says that the best cure for the Earth is to release the Ebola virus and kill off 90% of the human population. His reasoning is that since all life is equally important (humans= to dogs= to gnats etc.) and humans are making it hard on the rest of the animals on Earth then we should just kill off most of the humans. The way this would work is they would release the Ebola virus world wide and since it is 90% fatal, bam, 5.8 billion of us are dead.
Naturally, I assumed that this guy was dismissed as a total wack job and carted off to the looney bin. Boy was I wrong. Instead they gave him an award, naming him a 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.
The funny part of this, to me, is thinking of the people who would survive the outbreak. Lets look at your typical survivor. It would be one of those people who might have graduated high school, and if we are lucky maybe even trade school. They have a stock pile of duct tape, gas masks, and ammo for their .22. If we were all rated by the amount of damage we would do individually to the enviroment these are the people who would score the highest. Irony at it's finest.
I know this guy is thinking that the Darwin idea of survival of the fittest would save the best and brightest, but his idea of fittest and the reality of it are two different things. In the case of surviving an outbreak, fittest means physically fit, and for the most part scientists who sit in a lab all day do not quailify. For that matter, if you are over 65 or under around 14 you can count yourself gone. If you are vastly overweight or underweight your chances are low (that makes me a goner). If you have any kind of physical problem be it a cold or HIV, you are gone, too.
Where do people come up with this stuff and why do other people cheer them on.
As for me I refer you to the title of this entry. "Go sell crazy some where else. We are all full up here."

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