Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Every year our church has a wonderful Memorial Day service. We have a bagpiper and drummer usher in the colors for each of the branches of the military. Regardless of how you feel about bagpipes, I promise watching that display will give you chills. Then my husband Rocky has the honor of playing Taps. By the time the service is over all of the women and most of the men have had to pull out a tissue. Being the sensitive girl she is, Nikki asked me why I was crying. I guess she was concerned that something had made me sad. I wrote her a little note that I would like to share today.
Memorial Day is a day to honor the people who have died serving our country in the military. On days like today I am reminded of the price some have paid for my freedom and for yours. I am so proud and honored to live in a country like ours, and humbled by people who very literally give their lives to insure that our freedom is sustained. I'm not crying from sadness. I am crying because I am so filled with emotions that they had to spill out and they do that is the form of tears.

It started all over again this morning when I heard part of a speech Ronald Reagan gave on the subject. He closed with the line, "Thanks you, and may God cradle you in His loving arms."

I hope you all enjoy this Memorial Day!

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