Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Star Trek Top 10

Top 10 things we wish old Spock had told young Spock.

10. Goatees make you look evil
9. I know Saavik is hot but there is a good chance she is your daughter, so hands off
8. While on Omicron Ceti III don't inhale
7. T'Pring is just not that into you
6. Save the whales
5. Tell Kirk if you appear dead and McCoy is acting logical, don't toss your body out the window
4. Let sleeping Khans lie
3. For a good time call Nurse Chapel
2. If Sulu invites you to his quarters, pass
1. Klingons + Tribbles = good fun

Please feel free to add your own, and yes I know I am a huge geek.

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