Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smooth Talker

To those of you who have daughters around the age of my son, let me just go ahead and apologize now. In our attempt to raise him as a well mannered sweet young man we have inadvertently created a tiny 5 year old player. Somehow he has caught on to things some grown men have not figured out yet. He knows how and when to compliment a lady of any age. On Sundays, he always make a point of telling me AND his sister that we look beautiful before we get in the car for church. I have heard him compliment other women and a few little girls when he thought they had dressed up or changed up the way they look, such as a new haircut. He has several of his sister's friends wrapped around his little finger and there is a 5 year age gap there! Sure it's all giggles and "he is so cute" now, but what about when he gets to be a teenager? What are we going to do with him then?
We had a few minutes with just the two of us yesterday and he was telling me that he was unsure of who he would grow up to marry because, "There are just so many cute girls out there." He also added that it was a shame that he couldn't just marry me. He was probably most disappointed by the news that Aunt Becca was off limits as well because she was already married to Uncle Bo.

He has already worked his magic on the girls at preschool. My personal favorite was Cate because when he introduced me to her, she pointed her finger at him and said, "You listen to me, when I'm a teenager, I am going to college." He had the great come back of, "When I'm 5, I am going to kindergarten." He has also been sweet on Catherine, Morgan, and Peyton, who he once referred to as "his wife".
We better get busy on the restraint and values talks with this one.

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Tiffany said...

I understand the "aww!" as much as the "Oh, NO!" I read yours and laughed and then was slapped in the face with our own incident...The good news is they tend to choose the right kind of girls...right? We can start our own support group...MOBWLW (Mothers Of Boys Who Love Women)! It could be worse! :)