Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty Time!

Many months ago one of my favorite bloggers was redoing her office and posted about her wall art on EPBOT. One of the things she had done was frame some really cute note cards, but with a twist. I stuck the idea somewhere in the back of my brain and left it there until a friend of Nix's sent her this thank you card.

It is from the Bella Pilar line that Papyrus carries. I knew right away this would be the perfect test case for framing.
I found an inexpensive, shallow shadow box with a plain black frame. After the sale, a coupon, and a small gift card I had, it costs me a total of 99 cents for a 3 pack. (Score!) I went through my stash of card stock, and found a lovely peacock blue to use as the backdrop. I cut it down to 8 x 10 so it would fit the frame exactly. I also had to cut the card down the fold so that it would lay right.

Next came mounting the card. After I lined up the centers of the background and the card, I used adhesive mounting squares that can be found with scrapbook supplies or with craft tape. I wanted the card to "float" a little higher, so I doubled up on the squares to give it a good depth.

The whole project took me about 10 minutes and cost me $0.33.
I really wish you could see the dimension on this. It looks awesome! I may have to see if I can find the companion card that is in yellow and orange.

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