Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Office

I'm so excited to have a new before and after to share! The office was a huge challenge for me in more ways than one. There were so many piles and so many drawers. I had gotten into a bad cycle of using what storage there was to just stuff and pile with no real system. There was a closet that you couldn't really get into because of all the stuff. Because I put a little of everything in there, nothing could be found.
Here are those horribly embrassing before pictures. I'm sorry if they are a little fuzzy. I was trying out the camera on my iPod with mixed results.

The first thing I did was empty the storage drawers I have and label each drawer.

After 8 trash bags, and two very large boxes to donate we now have

It isn't perfect, and I'd love to take a trip to Ikea to do it up right, but it is SO much better that I am content to just let the diaper box of gift bags be for now. Not only can I open the closet, but low and behold, it is the walk-in it was always meant to be. When we don't have extra guests I can roll up the air mattress and set up a fold away craft table that I've never had room for in this house before. This is going to make Rocky working from home a lot easier.

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