Thursday, February 03, 2011

Holy Socks and Pretty Pajamas

Over Christmas I started to notice that my socks were starting to wear out and even found one with a hole in it. It has been awhile since I last bought myself socks. Since I mostly wear tennis shoes I tend towards the white cotton socks that come 12 to a bag at Walmart. I've been to Walmart a lot since I first noticed I needed new socks, I even went today, but did I buy socks? No, of course not. And, why? Because I'm the mom and whites are the thing I neglect.
I have noticed that most moms have one thing they neglect and one thing that is important to them to kind of splurge on. The thing you neglect is going to be the one thing in the house that you would never dream of letting your spouse or children go without, but for some unknown reason you forget to provide for yourself. For me it is socks and underwear, for others it might be good shoes, or a mom favorite, pajamas. I have only recently realized that you can in fact buy socks and underwear by the pair instead of by the dozen. It rocked my world.
This brings us to the splurge. Mine is pajamas. I use to be an old t-shirt and boxers kind of girl until I had my daughter. It struck me how much time I was spending dressed like a hag looking ratty and it depressed me. I didn't want to walk around the house caring for my child looking like I had been at a frat party the night before. So, I got a set of pajamas. It wasn't expense, but it was matching and did qualify as sleepwear. Now it is a standing request on my gift list. Each Christmas I love getting a new set of flannel pajamas. The kids have a lot of fun picking them out. My all time favorites are pink with penguins wearing purple party hats, or maybe the ones with the lawn gnomes. They are fun and they brighten things up, especially when I'm sick and don't feel like putting on real clothes. I think at most they run about $20, but to a mom like me, it is a luxury.
Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go put socks on my grocery list.
I am very curious to know what everyone else's items of neglect and splurge are. Please share!

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