Monday, February 07, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

JD has been on a roll lately. I wanted to type out a list of a few of his more recent gems so that I would have a record of them.
*JD wants a hermit crab for his birthday. "They will teach me a little responsibility, and since they don't have fur, Dad won't be allergic." We couldn't argue with that, so next month we will be adding a crab to the family.
*He came home from school last week all smiles. He told me that he got to see the girl he has had a crush on since kindergarten. "That is why I have invisible hearts over my head."
*At bed time he waved his hand in front of me and said in a calm even tone, "You don't need to put me to bed until 9 o'clock." I replied, "Your Jedi mind tricks have no power over me."
*After he pulled his first tooth I asked if he wanted to put it under his pillow. "We both know there is no such thing as fairies so just give me the money now." This one threw me a little.
*JD went through a phase of asking who he was and wasn't allowed to marry. After being told his Aunt Becca was already married he asked, "If Uncle Bo dies then can I marry Aunt Becca?" Technically the answer to that is yes, but...
*We sent him to get his pajamas on, which is usually a quick task for him. After some groaning he came down with just the bottoms on and the top in hand saying, "This shirt is mocking me!" One of the sleeves was turned in on itself. While I was fixing it, Nix came down and pointed out that JD was shirtless. He replied, "It's okay. It is manly! I have a handsome tummy."

He makes life fun!

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