Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another year, another badge

Nix's middle school is doing a costume fundraiser again this year. This is always a problem. She can't wear her real Halloween costume to school, mainly because she uses a ballet recital dress and I don't want it ruined, but also because it wouldn't be very comfortable all day. I'm not buying a costume. Those things are expensive! So, we put on our thinking caps and come up with something creative that will work from what she already has.
Last year she was Lois Lane, and none of the kids knew who that was (I weep for the next generation). The good news is, all of the teachers knew and thought it was clever.
This year, we are going with a similar theme. She is going as Pepper Potts from Ironman (the movie, not the comic because Pepper was a little messed up in the comics). Since Nix is Still under 13, she hasn't seen Ironman yet, but she liked the idea.
Just like last year, I pieced together a graphic to make an ID badge. This time it is a Stark Industry employee badge. I found a couple of references online and then put my own little spin on it.

She'll be wearing a very professional looking dress and her hair pulled back into a bun to complete the look. I probably wouldn't send her door to door in it, but for a costume that didn't cost a dime, still meets dress code, and has a cool theme, I'm pleased.
On a side note, her real costume is Rapunzel from Tangled post haircut. She'll be handing out candy at the house using her frying pan as the candy bowl. JD is going out as a realistic Mario. He has overalls, a red shirt, white gloves, a mustache, and a great Mario hat. I'll post pictures up either here or Facebook after Halloween.

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