Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Getting Uncomfortable

If there is one thing I have learned about what being a Christian involves it is that God has no intention of letting us stay in our comfort zones. On the one hand, I feel myself wanting to cry out, "Why?", but then again, what fun would life be if we were never pushed out of our box from time to time?
I like hanging out in the back of the room, observing all that is going on, working where needed, and in general, being behind the scene. From time to time, God seems to delight in shoving me up front. I find myself with the thought,  "Someone should really do something about that.", and before I know it, I am the someone trying to do the doing that needs done.
I've spent most of this week out of my box. I may have accidentally offered to help start a special needs program at our church, I'm in a running group, and then today called for a trip to the dentist with the kids. When I walked into the dentist office (my least favorite place to be) I saw this sign:

What are the odds? This point has been following me around for days. I feel like I have the God equivalent of the grim on me. It is starting to make me a little paranoid. On the upside, it has done wonders for my prayer life.


gram said...

Your observations are right on! My comfort zone just seems farther and farther away...and hard and harder to get to. Can you imagine how alone we'd feel if we didn't know that Someone else is in control? And it does definitely keep us on our knees. Love you, Honey

Gaby said...

Oooooh the stretching. But at the end of it you find yourself walking a little taller ;)